"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”





Holiday time is in most cases travel time.


You are off on a city or beach break and want to relax your body and soul completely. You will memories well your holiday stay and it is not only the delicious food and the sea view that makes a great holiday, but also that you sleep and lie (on the beach) in your personal favourable direction to tank-up on energy again. Only so your body can optimally recover and you will feel serene and positive.

With the Xiu Feng Shui Travel Consultation you will receive a complete package for your personally favourable direction “To Go”. Wherever your trip will lead, you will know your personal optimal direction to lay resp. sit. So, you can enjoy the well-deserved vacation even more.


The Consultation Process:

First free conversation with analysis of your individual needs and preferences
Bazhai calculation of your premises
• Determining your personal auspicious directions
Creation of individual analysis solution
Free six-month follow-up



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