The Feng Shui Start-Up Consultation is suitable for everyone who would like to try Feng Shui out; however, you are not persuaded whether it is something for yourself.


I analyse your floor plan, calculate your favourable directions after Bazhai and I activate your personal favourable directions according to a room of your choice. This consultation is particularly useful for bedroom, home office, children´s room, work room, etc. .


The Consultation Process:


• First free conversation with analysis of your individual needs and preferences

• Layout analysis per Long-Distance Consultation
• Optimizing the flow of Qi
Bazhai calculation of your premises
• Determining your personal auspicious directions
• Development of an Interior design- and -spatial concepts
• Creation of individual analysis solution
• On-site presentation of the spatial concept with concrete measures and hand over of documentation
• Free six-month follow-up




You can contact me on email, phone or by using this contact form.

+353 (0) 87 321 6740

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