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With this Long-Distance Consultation I offer you a time-saving possibility to take up my successful consultation.


If you are a newbie in terms of Feng Shui, want interior design tips, have a limited budget or live half way around the globe, this service will help you to start-up now and feel confident. This is especially useful if you cannot find a suitable Feng Shui consultant in your area or you would like to protect your privacy and the good news is you don’t have to tidy up your home.

In addition, the environment remains spared because no transportation was used. I am offering a Feng Shui Long-Distance Consultation via phone and video conference (Skype). Whether you live in an apartment, a condo or a house, this one-to-one phone call is suitable for everyone.


The Consultation Process:

• First free conversation with analysis of your individual needs and preferences
• Compass measurement via Google Earth
• Analysis of the environment via Google Earth
Floor plan analysis

Optimizing the flow of Qi in your home
Bazhai calculation of your premises
Flying Stars calculation
Determining your personal auspicious directions
• Development of an Interior design- and -spatial concepts
Creation of individual analysis solutions
Feng Shui Analysis presentation via phone or skype
• Free six-month follow-up











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