"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”






Just like every journey a Business Travel requires a well-planned preparation.


Whether you are a CEO, manager or artist. The Xiu Feng Shui Business Travel Consultation is suitable in general for everyone who wishes a consultation “To Go“.


For a successful business appointment it is advisable that you sit on your personally favourable place. Say it during the job interview, presentation, contract signing or speech. Only so you can dot with the opponent and the full potential of the benefits of the favourable direction forces.


You are travelling a lot and would also not like to miss your restful sleep in your own bed?
This consultation is designed to support you in finding your personally favourable sleeping direction and to profit from it. So as if you were sleeping in your own bed at home.

With the Xiu Feng Shui Travel Consultation you will receive a complete package for your personally favourable direction “To Go”. Wherever your trip will lead, you will know your personal optimal direction to lay resp. sit.



The Consultation Process:


• First free conversation with analysis of your individual needs and preferences

Bazhai calculation of your premises
• Determining your personal auspicious directions
• Creation of individual analysis solution
• Free six-month follow-up

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