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In Feng Shui it is said that the three most important areas for successfully running businesses are: the entrance area and reception (welcome), the office and the office workplaces (concentration) as well as the kitchen and canteen (regeneration).


In this area I’m particularly interested in theinterior design in offices of larger companies. Here I am looking particularly: Where the CEO is seated, accountancy, human resources, sales, Marketing? Where the meeting room, the common room or the kitchen should be placed? Which colours should be used? How the reception should be designed. 


In addition, Feng Shui offers you the possibility to find a special date for an important appointment. In China, no new offices are occupied without prior Feng Shui consultation. One of the best known buildings in Europe was built under the aspect by Feng Shui in Berlin, it is the Sony Center. Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

Here even the opening date was exactly determined. The result is excellent. Thousands of visitors romp about here daily. Also many banks and insurance companies profit from Feng Shui. Not uncommonly sales increases are achievable by specific space psychological optimisation in the two-digit per cent area.


"Good Feng Shui: You can see it. You will feel it." In addition the commercial figures within the business area.



I offer Feng Shui consultations across a wide spectrum in the following business areas:



Associations Hairdressers Pubs
Banks Health Food Stores Rehab Facilities
Barbers Hotels Restaurants
Beauty Studios Kindergartens Schools
Cinemas Libraries Shopping Centres
Clinics Medical Practices Supermarkets
Clothing Stores Museums Spa
Clubs Natural Health Professionals Theatre
Community Halls Offices Treatment Rooms
Companies Open Space Offices Wellness
Dance Studios Pharmacies  
Gyms Physiotherapists and many more ...












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