“Feng Shui can increase comfort in your home




In Feng Shui it is said that three most important areas of a home are the main entrance, the bedroom and the kitchen.

The main entrance to your apartment has an important function. It connects the outside world with the inner world. 

A friendly and open planned entrance invites people and opportunities into your life. Looks your main entrance

open and friendly? Is it welcoming visitors?

The kitchen is the "stomach" of the home. Here we store and prepare food. In Feng Shui it is the space

for health and well-being. Do you feel well supplied?

The bedroom is the most important room in Feng Shui. After all, we spend about 1/3 of our lives here.

Here is the "haven" of the home and should act as regeneration. Here we recharge for your daily routine

and experience the closeness in the partnership. Therefore, neither television nor other electric devices should be located here.


I offer Feng Shui services across a wide spectrum in the following private areas:


Apartments/Studio Landscaping
Baby, children's and teenagers' rooms  Moving house or flat
Birthday Purchase or sale of an apartment
Buying or selling a house Real Estate Search
Colour  Reconstruction planning
Decision-making advice on choosing a new flat or a new house Rental Apartment
Exam Room use concepts
Home Design  Sleeping place analysis
House Construction Wedding



To give you a personal and individual consultation the first conversation is very important. I offer a free first consultation in where I analyse your individual needs, requirements and preferences.

Please contact me by phone +353 8732 16740 or via the contact form. We will work out your wishes and requirements. With a lot of respect

and sensitivenessI perceive your living areas or workspaces and support you with my knowledge of the interior design and

the theory of harmonious life of Feng Shui.

The cost of a Feng Shui consultation varies individually.


Please feel free to find out more about my consultation models:


Classic Consultation

 Start-Up Consultation

Long-Distance Consultation

 Travel Consultation




Your privacy is very important to me. All information is treated strictly confidentially and is passed on only by your consent to third parties.