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Feel calm and relaxed after a busy day and discover new technics to release stress in your daily life

 Do you ever wanted to learn Qi Gong or Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan)?

But you had no time to learn these specific movements and breathing technics yet? Then try Zen Walk instead!

The practice of the Zen Walk is the most effective way to get all the positive effects of the work with Zen in an easy way.

I would like to invite you to this journey that will calm and relax you to increase your physical well-being and clarity of mind.

No need to have any knowledge about this program or to bring equipment.

Wear walking shoes/runners and suitable Outerwear for the weather. 

This walk will last about 20-30 minutes and is made for everyone who simply wants to find calmness,

relaxation and harmony in their busy lives. You will feel refreshed and get good inspirations.


Click here to see prices, pre-register and find your closes location for the next **FREE TASTER Zen Walk in Dublin.


Please note, these walks are dependent on weather conditions and at short notice can be called off.

Therefore it is essential to pre-register your interest. Thank you for your co-operation.


About Zen Walk

Qi Gong or Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) practice is aiming for the gathering of Qi (Chi).

This is accomplished of a long periods of times by undertaking an intense training with different exercises and gymnastic movements.

Some of the methods of traditional Chinese life scientist precisely described the roles of the natural flow of Qi in space and time.

The technologies of the Chinese life sciences allow to us to calculate the flow of the best potential in our surroundings at a certain time and place.

In every appointment I will give a short introduction to the topic.

Then we will walk naturally for about 20 – 30 minutes in the calculated Qi flow direction.

Afterwards you are free to join us in a casual atmosphere for a coffee/tea to round off the Zen Walk.


What you will feel

There are natural forces, e.g. Qi, surrounding us and those natural forces are nurturing our body with life.

Our nerving system are coming down and turn into a neutral state, our organism opens up for these natural forces, the batteries are filled up and we gain strength again.

You will not walk alone anymore, because we are connected with our immediate environment supported by the natural world.

The practice of the Zen Walk allows us to sympathize with certain qualities of natural world and helps us to step by step return into healthy state of being.

Every Zen Walk can specifically calculated for each individual person in the place on the globe.

Some Zen Walks are only on special days at specific times, mainly during the daylight time to get the best Qi to be refreshed, to get good inspirations.



Read what Zen Walkers experienced previously:


Carol (Attendee since August 2016) wrote: "Thanks for the Zen Walk last week, I really enjoyed your focus on breathing and grounding yourself and the slow walking."


Sinead (Attendee since July 2016) said: "I felt very rooted during the Zen Walking. It was very refreshing for my mind.


  Rachel (Attendee since July 2016) said: "It´s a very refreshing experience.


 Eva wrote: "Zen Walking was a wonderful new experience for me. During and afterwards I felt more awake, relaxed and loaded with good energy.

I only invested 20 minutes of my time, but personally I benefited so much. I am happy to take part again."



Denise said: "Amazing feeling. I felt like after a Massage treatment. Thank you so much."


Linda wrote: "I found the walk to be very worthwhile. I really feel differently since the Zen Walk. I think I feel more relaxed/inspirational."


Carlos said: "Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. During the Zen Walk I had a solid feeling in my feet, like growing roots."


Konny wrote: "Hi Katharina, thank you so much. It was very refreshing and relaxing. Looking forward to the next walk."


Liz wrote: "I really enjoyed your Zen Walk today. Feeling very relaxed now for the afternoon."


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and she will respond within 3 working days.

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