Semi-Detached House - 3 People (4 Bedrooms)

Request: Feng Shui for Main Bedroom, Colour Selection, Furniture Placement.

Country: Ireland

Customer Testimonial:

"The consultant knowledge and her presence made us feel better and hope that the problems will be resolved. Everything went smoothly. Katharina is extremely professional. She is a great person, extremely wonderful and highly professional in delivering the services. We are very glad that we have chosen her.

You are the best, that I had come across my life. You truly touched our lives. Thank you for coming into our lives. Please keep in touch."




Beauty and Massage Business in Dalkey, Co. Dublin

Request: Feng Shui for Entrance Area, Colour Selection, Furniture Placement.

Country: Ireland

Customer Testimonial:

“I was simply impressed by Katharina´s work. Katharina is an authentic Feng Shui Expert and Interior Design Architect. She has gained the ability to transform any room and embrace it to its finest look. You will love her when you see her analysis and recommendations. I was very positively surprised when I received the Feng Shui analysis from her. She delivered it promptly and her inspirations have given me a “Wow-Effect”. Her analysis includes several 3D visualizations with various angles and solutions in relation to my Massage Studio. Product research including prices and web links, an appraisal with before and after views, as well as many recommendations even about decluttering. I would highly recommend Katharina. She gives you advice and guidance through the whole transformation process. Katharina uses the Chinese philosophical system in a powerful way to uplift your personal energies and harmonizes the energies in your surroundings. A great plus is that you can ask her any questions you might have during and after the consultation. Personally, I loved the way she gave me personal colour advice for upcoming meetings as well as my personal auspicious direction recommendations.

Katharina changed my point of view on how a renovation can positively affect my business.

Thanks to Katharina´s Feng Shui analysis I now have a clear vision of how my studio will look after the renovation. I told her my interior needs. She gave me fantastic ideas from the colour scheme. She chooses the exact furniture and where I can buy those items. In the presentation, she listed an armchair and most interior furniture and where to find them. She told me right in the beginning to give the exterior façade a repaint. After we repainted it, it makes a huge difference. We also planted flowers into the pots outside of the entrance. I am so happy that I met Katharina. She is passionate about her work from start to finish. I can absolutely recommend her engagement and confidentiality in this project. Now I am highly motived to start refurbishing this place from the inside.”

Olivera Cusic, Owner of Holistic Haven, Dalkey, Co. Dublin




New Build House - 3 People (3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms)

Request: Feng Shui for whole house, Colour Selection, Furniture Placement.

Country: Ireland

Customer Testimonial:

"We are happy to share further information about our experiences with Katharina´s work. Just ask for our phone number.

We hired Katharina to get ideas for furniture placement and colour schemes for our new home, which was just newly built. Therefore, we could only provide her with the floor plans and some brief video clips of the interior and exterior of the building.  Although she never entered our home, she could give very detailed information as to suggestions for where to put furniture and fittings. We were very positively surprised when we received the Feng Shui analysis from her. She delivered it promptly and gave us a “Wow-Effect”.  My husband who was initially sceptical - was impressed by the amount of work and detail put into the presentation.  We took on board most of her numerous suggestions and it made our job of colouring in our blank canvas much easier. Specifically, we liked the 3D visualizations in her presentation which were very helpful in illustrating the overall outcome of her design. In addition the hyperlinks she provided -including prices!-for suggested items and where they could be purchased were very helpful to get an idea what to look for and to save time while shopping for these things. In respect of the colour themes suggested we were able to restrict our search and made faster decisions. e.g. regarding the colour of  the fabric for our sofas we had a range of possible colours but learned after her analysis that from a Feng Shui perspective one colour was preferable. Additionally, the information she provided in respect of the specific plant types and mirror shapes that might suit the specific room layouts were fantastic. We particularly liked the attention she paid to suggesting an appropriate home for an oil painting of sentimental value to us. Her attention to detail went so far as to copy in a photo of the oil painting into her 3-D presentation so we could imagine the painting sitting on the suggested wall. The detailed presentation clearly exceeded our expectations and we found her work to be extremely professional.

We thank Katharina so much for her engagement, confidentiality and competence. We can absolutely recommend her Feng Shui consultation. It was a pleasure from the start to finish and we are delighted with the result."



Presentation Slides Examples:

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Multi-Family House in Radolfzell (Lake Constance) - 3 People (2 Bedroom Apartment)

Request: Optimisation of children's room for better homework (concentration) and better sleep.

Country: Germany

Customer Testimonial:

"Wir haben Katharina um Hilfe gebeten, da unser Sohn (8) jede Nacht aufgewacht ist und bei uns im Bett schlafen wollte. Katharina hat anhand unserer Grundrisse einen Lösungsplan ausgearbeitet, diesen haben wir via Skype besprochen. Kurze Zeit später kam Katharina bei uns vorbei und hat mit mir zusammen sein Zimmer umgestellt, z.B. das Bett und den Schreibtisch. Wir haben auch eine schöne Ecke mit seinen Medaillen und Urkunden gemacht. Seither wacht er nachts nur noch sehr selten auf. Katharina hat das ganz toll gemacht und es hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht alles zu besprechen und zusammen umzusetzen."

Familie Dittmann, Radolfzell



"We have asked Katharina for help because our son (8) has woken every night and wanted to sleep in our bed. Katharina has worked out a solution plan with the help of our floor plans and we have discussed this via Skype. A short time later she came back and together with me we made changes in his room, e. g. his bed and desk. We have also made a nice corner with his medallions and certificates. At night since this time, he wakes only very rarely. Katharina has made this super-duper and it has given a lot of pleasure to discuss and transform everything together."

Family Dittmann, Radolfzell


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