Author: William Spear 

Title: Designing Your Life with the Ancient Art of Placement



Description: A book that knows how to understand and to practise


Author: Esme Floyd

Title: 1001 little wellbeing miracles


Description: Over 1000 valuable tips for your home,

business and lifestyle


Author: Marie Kondo

Title: “The life-changing magic of tiding up”

The Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing




 Description: Cleaning out gives pleasure again. Marie Kondo releases

not only your home from unnecessary ballast, but also your mind

Author: Chao-Hsiu Chen

Title: Feng Shui – The Chinese art of winning





 Description: A successful classic among the books



Author: Karen Kingston

Title: Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui  




Description: The space clearing ceremony described the information

about electromagnetic and geopathic stress and will enable you to obtain

the best results

Author: Karen Kingston

Title: Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui




DescriptionThe ultimate bible among

the clutter clearing advisors







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