1. Balcony Transformation
  2. Office Designs
  3. Bedrooms
  4. Home Office / Guest Bedroom
  5. Teens Room
  6. Massage Studio
  7. Mood and Sample Boards & Drawings




Multi-family house in Radolfzell (Lake Constance) - 3 people

Request: Optimisation of children's room for better homework (concentration) and better sleep.

Family Dittmann, Radolfzell



Garden planning for family

Garden small


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Request: children's play area, garden pond, garden waste area, road guidance from the garage and

the house into the garden.



Large twin-apartment (approx. 130m2) in Berlin-Moabit - 2 people

Requirement: to find relaxation and recovery room, enhance living room seating area.


Twin-apartment in Berlin Steglitz - 3 people

Topic: nesting, child raise.







Pub in Blackrock (Co. Dublin)

Requirement: Analysis of the premises from Feng Shui perspective.


Office complex for 300 employees in Dublin

Requirement: optimization of staff offices after relocation and design of meeting rooms.


Single flat in Dublin - 1 person

Task: Activation of the Partnership and Career Corner.








Multi-family house in Szczecin (Stettin) - 3 people

Space utilization: Analysis of living room as use for studying, dining and living room (incl. sleeping couch).



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