Hello, my name is Katharina Gummelt. I am the founder of Xiu Feng Shui and an award-winning authentic Feng Shui expert and Interior Design Architect.

My business is based in Dublin and it is called Xiu Feng Shui. I have been passionate about Feng Shui for as long as I can remember. Studying for the past 16 years and consulting for the last 3 years. With the young age of 17, I started to study and implement Feng Shui in my family home and hold presentations in my School. I have successfully helped many clients with the creation of harmonious environments. Ranging from offices to homeowners over Massage Studios and Public Houses. I also worked with some architects to help create a positive connection between clients and their homes. It is compulsory to create a positive environment and there are things you can do to ensure your home supports you rather than working against you.

Katharina Gummelt

Xiu (秀) comes from Chinese and means graceful, elegant and beautiful. The Chinese describe with the word Xiu an elegant and beautiful looking landscape. But also when they see a beautiful looking women ;-)

I have chosen the name Xiu Feng Shui because the word Xiu describes my approach to my service very suitable. For the correct pronunciation of the word 'Xiu' please click here. Did you know that I was born in the “City of Theodor Fontane” (Neuruppin) and grew up at the beautiful Lake Constance? Since 2007 my new home is the evergreen island of Ireland (Dublin). My motto is: "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed." (Chinese saying). Since my childhood, I have been interested in the cultures of ancient China. This is the reason why I have started studying the flowing movements of the Qi Gong with Professor Ding Hongyu at Mettnau in my youth. I was always fascinated by the elaborately looking Chinese characters, and I bought myself at the age of 17 years my very first Feng Shui practice book. After I had studied and implemented everything as described in the book, I had quickly come to the realisation that Feng Shui can very well contribute to restoring harmony in your living environment. So much positive Qi have had gathered in my room that my family members had immediately felt comfortable been there! My intuitive "feeling" helps me to modify de-energised places and turn them into high-energised spaces.


My Studies and Qualifications

2012 until 2014: I have completed the Master and Teacher training in Reiki and Seichem in Reiki in Ireland.

2014: I have completed the Feng Shui training as a Certified Consultant successfully in Feng Shui Center Berlin.

And I completed the Advanced Form School - Build Feng Shui in China training in Feng Shui Center Berlin.

2015: I have taken part in the Induction Seminar to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in OBUS School of Healing Therapies.

And completed the Colour and Feng Shui training in Feng Shui Center Berlin.

2016: I´ve completed the Assistance to the Compact Formation Course for Qimen Dunjia at DAOMAC® Institut of Daoist Management and Consulting.

June: I completed the First Aid Course at First Aid Coaching.

2017: Achievement of Distinction Interior Architecture and Design Certificate from Blackrock Further Education Institute.

October: I was Awarded "Best Design 2017" at Colourtrend Interior Design Forum at Ideal Home Show at RDS out of 20 competitors.


Feng Shui is a knowledge that is constantly developing and that demands a lifelong learning and teaching, so I keep up in expanding my knowledge constantly. Whether these are advanced trainings, talks or regular exchange with other Feng Shui consultants. I am always ready for new challenges and looking forward to meeting you.


Honesty, Commitment, Discipline, Professionalsm and Discretion form the basis of my work.


I am wishing you all the best flow with Xiu Feng Shui,



Katharina Gummelt


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